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Sensor as a tool for efficient planting flowers and gardening

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Sensor as a tool for efficient planting flowers and gardening

Issue Time:2013-11-19
                                                         Sensor as a tool for efficient planting flowers and gardening

Some people say that these thingsare flowers and grass by talent , and some people even planted these plantersnot live long . So in the end it is not so ? Actually can make use of some ofthe flowers and vegetables are also external forces , such as the automaticwatering flowers and vegetables sensors , "smart soil " These are theflowers and grass weapon. Plants grown using these weapon can clearly know theneeds of plants can be done to communicate the accessibility and flowers .

Quantitative and precise speciesroughly what you put into a bowl filled with sensors , if it is outside theedge of flowers you can plug in a wireless device. Then the sensor temperatureand humidity are continuously put , soil moisture , light of these datacollection back, even with a soil pH. These sensors have accumulated enoughdata, the device will alert the user to control other modules or directly to donext move.

Like animals , plants also adjusttheir growth and development hormones. Plant hormones shape to form a plant soripe tomatoes , leaf litter , and the roots grow down . Auxin is essential forplant development . Some sensors can monitor rapid changes in auxin , allowedthe researchers to almost real-time observation of plant growth response toauxin redistribution process . Because almost all of the plant developmentalprocess is controlled by auxin control - began to develop from embryonic mode ,and then adjust the growth of leaves and roots , and even affect the shape offlowers . Using sensors to determine whether auxin in plant tissues where, whenaccumulated , will help us to design new shapes, sizes and properties ofplants.

Plant Link by Link and a lipstick-shaped vanity size Base Link with two probe rod , insert it into your plantsto be detected in the soil , it can transmit data via Wi-Fi to the Base, uploadto cloud company service record to the website user account , every 5-10minutes , the data will be updated. If the plants dry up , users can e-mailnotification or SMS notification way to get reminders, go to watering. SimilarHarvestGeek these products give users send detailed vegetation analysis report.Sensors do is tell you not say the demand for flowers .

Bhut Jolokia is said that this isnot only the hottest pepper on the planet , but also the most difficult to keepone of the plants ; therefore technology house John Gordon said , "I wantto kind of this stuff ." At a time when in 2011 , the concept of thingsyet today so deeply , Gordon hung himself in the edge of a small pepper Arduino.Finally Gordon finally put a little pepper cultivation tips to get out, and hewill share data on the Arduino open source community into one . This isprobably the origin of crowdsourcing planting .

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