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RFID helps Harbin listed first traceable pork

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RFID helps Harbin listed first traceable pork

Issue Time:2013-11-18

Recently, the Harbin City, thefirst with "identity " of one thousand pigs pork products listed onthe public to buy pork products , the store receipts on the traceability code ,you can eat and drink what is found in pig breeding process , slaughtering, coldchain distribution and sales of the whole process information . First listingof one thousand pigs can be traced , because the whole green farming, so theprice is higher than ordinary pork 10 yuan per catty , catty average price of25 yuan .

Zhongxing Road in Nangang gridRuenfu supermarket, with "identity " pork a listing , they were earlyadopters of the people sought after. "Here meat , each piece of meat the 'ins and outs ' are crystal clear. Interesting ! " Sun Haixia see the frontof the store posters, deliberately let into the store clerk to 2 pounds of pork, said , "Look at this pork retrospective Zage . "

After completion of meat salesmansaid , will be a sign affixed to the back yard loaded meat food bag. It beatout two pounds of pork , 50 yuan shopping small ticket , also comes with abunch of back yards . Consumers via the Web , telephone , SMS, etc. queries tothe buy pork production information - Enter the back yards , pig farmsinformation, and the breeding areas feed formulation , inspection andquarantine certificate, pig traceability information Show all photos out .

Grid Ruenfu supermarket currentlysells pork traceability from raw pig breeding Harbin Dragon Co. , where theannual pig slaughter 20,000 , the first supply of Harbin market hogs to 1000 ,the annual supply of Harbin, the market can be traced up to 6000 pigs ."Dragon " said Chairman Dongyan Long said pig farming areas inretrospective will wear an identification ear tags , electronic ear tag isrecorded in the pedigree pigs , fed daily food , health status and the presenceof antibiotic use and other banned drugs kinds of information.

The pigs eat "green fodder" to take medicine health care, growing up to 14-17 months. Quality livein our province is the provincial livestock traceability system to establishassociations , Suzhou electronic commodities trading center to providetechnical support , using the most advanced RFID technology, pig from birth toslaughter sales of all aspects of information traceability platform . Establishthe initial system , including Harbin, "Dragon " companies, including, in the province three companies were selected as pilot units .

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