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"Phone Card" travel more convenient

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"Phone Card" travel more convenient

Issue Time:2013-11-21

In the provincial capital Xiningbus without coin , brush bus IC card , as long as the phone upload a chip card, gently brush on the line ! This really is a novelty in Xining . November 15 ,reporters take a road, 15 bus and saw many passengers are using the phone card, with a loud "Telecommunications card" system identification, andbrush bus IC card as easy and quick.

It is understood that China isthe world 's fastest growing mobile phone users one of the regions , as earlyas 2002 began to have shaped the domestic mobile payment services , mainly inBeijing , Shanghai and other economically developed , a large population baseof the developed regions. " Brush mobile phone to take a bus to achievethanks to China Telecom and the bus company's cooperation, from the company'sperspective, this is a good business , it is a market potential of the project; From the consumer's point of view, Telecom is to let more users to enjoy thisfast and convenient way to pay ! " China Telecom Corporation LimitedXining Branch publicity director Xiao Qian told reporters , consumers only needto go to the provincial capital of telecom business to do a replacement or newZhang has a " bus chip " phone card phone bus card can be combined ,you can easily use the " mobile brush bus " was.

In the afternoon, reporters inthe provincial capital of a telecom business were interviewed several users."To do this is to plan a convenient card , the phone a brush on the line ,go the simple feel good ! " Payment being processed , Ms. Lee toldreporters. "I was surrounded by some of my colleagues have recently foundon a cell phone brush bus , said very good ! I think I also came to knowtelecom users , I feel very convenient, it does not immediately do the one !" One decided to apply for the " Tianyi bus card" Mr. Goh ispleased to reporters said. Xining city in the telecommunications branch of theoperating room table working Mayan Hui told reporters , every day there areabout 20 to 30 people around the user to handle , user feedback is good, thinkthe most important is the convenience .

With the rapid development ofelectronic technology , mobile phone features are also more and more, it hasnot just used to call , send text messages , browse the web , landing QQ andother functions of communications equipment, and even with a payment function ,refueling , shopping , dining , movies, and so long as the car wash with a cellphone , swipe the phone will be able to pay the bill , but do not look forchange, these handy and convenient consumption , just a mobile phone can get.

"Phone Card" in theprovince "Lotus Just Buds " , some people on the phone "to"electronic wallet service was particularly curious and excited. As technologyadvances, mobile phones changed the way people consume , make people's livesmore convenient, easy ! Everywhere "card ."

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