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How Magnetic locks works and what's its principles?

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How Magnetic locks works and what's its principles?

Issue Time:2013-09-26
 We know that each two -pole magnet , anorth pole (N pole ) and a south pole (S pole ) , the magnet has sex repulsion, opposites attract features. Magnetic lock is the use of this feature of themagnet , the use of permanent magnets ( magnetic beads ) manufactured unlockingtool , it was also called " electronic lock ."


First, magnetic padlock

1 , there are two internal magnetic padlockelongated plates, one plate is active , the other a fixed plate . When theforce pulling the lock beam padlock locked state , the lock will squeeze movingbeam movable plate bump , the movable plate has a fixing plate to move in thedirection force , if this movable plate can be moved in the direction towardsthe fixed plate must be distance, the lock can be opened . Two elongated in thelongitudinal plane of the plate , each plate has four holes were drilled . Fourbeads were fixed to one end of a period of relatively thin brass wire bead ,these four beads on brass wire were inserted in the mounting plate four holes.The four hole mounting plate slenderness ratio than beads thick brass wire , sothe beads can be fixed plate full of shaking, but fixed in the lock , the lockbody due to the restrictions can not move longitudinally . There is no fixedbrass wire bead at one end toward the outer lock key slot , magnetic beads withbrass wire fixed at one end toward the activities of the board . Since the lockmagnetic interactions of these four beads , beads and brass wire tail andevents board four holes are not a straight line ( or should we say differentheart ) , when there is tension acting on the beam lock on lock , the lock willbe squeezed beam moving activities board bumps activities of the board at thistime despite the mounting plate to move in the direction of force , but thistime because the yellow wire is not aligned holes in the board activities , ieyellow copper plate will withstand activities to limit the movable plate movestowards the fixed plate , so I can not open the lock ; when the appropriate keyattached to the outer lock key slot , the lock will be locked inside the outerbead key where the bead suction ( must correspond to opposite poles inside andoutside ) , making the lock in the four yellow wire bead driven activitiesrespectively, and just the holes in the board , when there is tension acting onthe locking the lock on the beam , the active board bump squeezed, willovercome the spring force of the lock , to move the fixed plate , because thenfour yellow wire can enter the hole in the board activity , activity plate canbe moved in the direction toward the stationary plate at a distance , the lockcan be opened . In order to make a smooth brass wire into holes in the boardactivities , the end of the line is the yellow wire tip shape . When the beamaligned keyhole lock , the lock will be locked inside the beam spring tensioneffect , pull the lock keyhole beam , while activities of the board will alsobe the force of the spring back into place , leaving the lock .


2 , unlock

General magnetic padlock , less precise ,when the beam at the same time pull the padlock , lock body with hardwood beat, you can mess magnetic vibration interaction has the potential to align theactivities of brass wire tip holes on the board , leaving the open the lock .This is a result of cast aluminum lock body itself is not very sturdy , easy tolock or internal components beat bad , hope attention beat strength. Sometimesthe beads with four key good test polarity , respectively sucked directlyoutside the key in the lock groove , can be unlocked . In the above operation,easy to stick together , not apart, or sometimes to put four beads were a goodtest polarity suck on a key groove, sometimes pulling the beam still can notunlock the lock , do not worry , you can change a little bit the appropriatebead position, then lock beam Events , you can unlock a powerful magnet canalso be used , such as the magnets on the speakers , close to the outer lockkey slot , while moving back and forth along the longitudinal edges pullshackle , you can unlock .


Second, the magnetic lock

1 , magnetic door lock ( including magneticdrawer ) and "cross" tumbler lock the basic structure is verysimilar. Basic structure but also by the lock cylinder ( plunger ) and cylinderjacket ( lock cylinder ) components. There billiard room tumbler lock ,magnetic lock with " bead room" ( bead chamber is so called ) ;marbles marbles on the lock cylinder holes through hole ( from the keyhole tosee marbles ) , and magnetic cylinder the bead holes are blind holes ( frommagnetic lock key hole is not visible beads ) , magnetic lock cylinder on ablind hole deeper than the height of beads short , both in the proper key isnot inserted , the bead part can enter the cylinder on the blind hole , anotherpart of the exposed outer cylinder , both the hole in the cylinder , which isthe magnetic lock tumblers state ; tumbler lock tumblers are marbles , beadsmagnetic locks are tumblers , tumbler lock up and down beads, magnetic locksare also down beads ; tumbler lock using the spring will control marbles beadremains locked stationary state tumblers role of each bead magnetic lockchamber two beads are the same polarity in contrast, the use of sex repulsionforce to the bead is pushed into the blind cylinder bore , a stationary stateremains locked tumblers effect.


Tumbler lock using the appropriate key intothe keyhole , directly in contact with the marble effect to overcome the springforce to disarm all the action lock tumbler tumblers ; magnetic lock issuitable magnetic keys, using the key in the lock bead beads with the oppositesex repulsive force , a non-contact manner in the cylinder , all the blind holebeads introduction , the lifting effect of each bead and the lock tumblers ;each of the same type of "ten ," the lock tumblers spatial positionis fixed ( eg bead away from each row of 90 °), the ball of each bead is adifferent length , with the use of a key tooth height coincides same model eachmagnetic bead lock tumblers within the spatial position is different, but eachbeads are the same length , each bead interior bead polarity is different withthe key to open the lock position and polarity of the magnetic beads is thecorresponding .


2 , unlock

Magnetic unlocking tools to sell , can fit( standard size variety ) of the magnetic lock master key test drive . The rodhas a number of special tools ( 4-5 ) a rotatable ring, inlaid buried severalbeads, beads rotating ring also changes the spatial position and polarity ,turn the rotating ring on the tool , insertion tool a test drive on a testdrive , once with magnetic locks within the spatial location and the polarityof each bead corresponds on , you can open the lock . General magnetic lockseems to be only three or four beads tumblers , less sophisticated, sometimesit's easy try hard with unlocking . Some good quality is sometimes verydifficult to hard magnetic door locks with lock.

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