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Bluetooth card reader control one machine performance characteristics.

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Bluetooth card reader control one machine performance characteristics.

Issue Time:2013-09-28

Bluetooth card readercontrol one machine has the following characteristics:

1,adjustable reading distance 20 m.

2, thereader not only has the stability of Bluetooth communication technology alsoincorporates a directional infrared positioning, vehicle management system tosolve the parking lot adjacent channel interference.

3,Customers can encrypt arbitrarily set according to their needs 6-digit passwordprotected, both to ensure the safety of users also to protect the interests ofbusiness.

4,energy-saving mode, so that long-distance card battery more power anddurability.

Internalmounting space reserved for the controller, users no longer have to prepare forthe controller chassis.

Afterthe car is equipped with remote card reader infrared scanning area (scan angleof 45 degrees), the sleep of long-distance card reader receives infraredsignals wakes up work, the use of radio-frequency electromagnetic wavestransmitting information to the reader , card readers verify the informationreceived, long-distance card reader and after the match, and then the passwordverification, consistent and upload the host computer.

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