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What is the development trend of RFID technology?

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What is the development trend of RFID technology?

Issue Time:2017-11-30

What is the development trend of RFID technology?

RFID has gone through more than 50 years and has seen faster growth in recent years. With the continuous improvement of technology, the types of RFID products will be more and more abundant and the applications will be more and more widely. So look forward to the future, RFID What will happen? What trends will be?

 Biometrics will become the key technology of RFID
 With the rapid development of optoelectronic technology, micro-computer technology, image processing technology and pattern recognition technology, especially the mature face recognition technology, biometric technology has been listed as a revolutionary impact on human society in the 21st century One of the top ten technologies. In recent years, the identification of human biological features such as voice recognition, face recognition, signature recognition, fingerprint recognition, palm shape recognition and eye iris recognition has been developed and applied at home and abroad.
 In the past two years, biometrics has been partially applied to many important industries and fields such as public security, security, customs, finance, military, airports, frontier ports, security and so on, as well as civilian markets such as smart access control and time attendance. Experts predict that by 2012, biometric technology will enter a period of rapid growth, and the era of biometric identification has come. Biometric technology will become an important part of RFID and will promote the rapid development of RFID technology.
Product Electronic Code EPC will become a new representative of IoT technology
 With the economic globalization and the acceleration of information networking, technical products to meet the requirements of single product identification and efficient identification of electronic code EPC (ElectronicProductCode) came into being. EPC system is a complex, comprehensive and comprehensive system, including EPC coding, network, communication protocol and so on. It is based on computer Internet and radio frequency technology RFID. It uses UNITAR coding technology to give each entity a unique Code to construct an IoT that enables real-time sharing of global item information.
 In combination with the EPC technology of RFID and Internet systems, the future will become the main standard for modern supply chain management. The concept of "Internet of Things" that tracks and tracks shipments globally through the Internet has gradually become a new direction for the development of the logistics industry . It can be said that EPC will become an important new technology after bar code technology and RFID and once again change the commodity retail settlement, logistics and product tracking management mode. It can be predicted that RFID / EPC automatic identification technology will bring international shipping logistics and global A revolution in the supply chain will further promote the development of China's automatic identification industry.
 RFID data processing capabilities will be more and more strong, the demand for software is more and more big
 For enterprises using RFID technology, how to effectively deal with the huge amount of data brought by the application of RFID technology to reduce costs and improve management efficiency will be a very urgent issue in the future. So companies need a powerful data management platform that includes back-end databases, applications and the right analytics to handle the huge amounts of data generated by RFID systems. Otherwise, businesses may be overwhelmed by large amounts of data without the benefits of RFID technology.
 The current software is relatively simple in RFID applications, the average cost of not more than 13% of the overall RFID project. In the next few years, with the development of large-scale logistics applications and open-loop applications, massive RFID information processing, transmission and security pose new challenges to system integration and application of RFID technology. Software will be of great importance in RFID project expenditures Part, in some applications, even exceed the cost of the hardware.
 This mainly shows that the share of software / middleware in the overall RFID market will continue to increase, becoming a new impetus to the RFID market. Experts believe that the future of RFID system integration software will be embedded, intelligent, reorganization direction, through the construction of RFID public service system will make RFID information resources organization, management and utilization more in-depth and extensive.
 As the status of software / middleware in the RFID system is more and more important, at present, domestic and foreign manufacturers have invested more and more technical research in this area in order to meet the tremendous demand in the future and have achieved some achievements, including Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences launched the RFID public service system infrastructure software and blood, food, medicine traceability management middleware, Tsinghua Tongfang ezRFID middleware, ezONEezFramework basic application suite.

 Nowadays, many countries in Europe and the United States have started to set their own standards one after another. How to make these standards compatible with each other so that an RFID product can be smoothly circulated around the world is an important and urgent issue at present.
RFID will become safer, more practical and cheaper
 RFID technology in the field of information to have better confidentiality requirements wide application, there are still some technical problems, because the current widespread use of passive RFID systems there is no reliable security mechanism, the data is difficult to keep a good secret . Therefore, many RFID developers are fully engaged in research, take serious security measures, a strong password, coding, authentication and other technologies will be more widespread research and development and application of future want to destroy the RFID, cloning will be very difficult. At the same time, the future of RFID law will be developed and implemented, RFID data will be increasingly protected by law. Illegal access to and use of data and files in RFID tags will be considered a criminal offense.
 Also, RFID / NFC readers in smart mobile devices will make it increasingly widespread for financial transactions of credit / debit cards or e-wallets, mobile micropayments and the like, while printed electronics use organic and inorganic materials, It will also eliminate the need for expensive silicon chips. RFID tags will also be printed directly on the package, making it more widely available for low-value goods - counterfeit or stocked goods - and ultimately cost savings.
 So in the future RFID system will not only become more powerful, will also be more effective in addressing industry needs. Some companies are tailor-made for this specific industry, or jointly develop applications, this trend will be further accelerated in the future. In the future, with the increasing implementation experience of RFID vendors and the continuous improvement of technologies, more applications will be provided for the needs of the industry. From retail to warehousing, manufacturing to government affairs, from transportation to finance, and more and more The RFID industry is becoming more and more customized, making it easier.

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