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RFID tracking of surgical instruments to avoid malpractice

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RFID tracking of surgical instruments to avoid malpractice

Issue Time:2014-05-15

Medical sterilization services sector isone of the medical institutions in the United States is very importantdepartment, charged with the important responsibility of medical assetsdisinfection process management. International Medical Center to hold servicesand asset management Annual Meeting (IAHCSMM) in Columbus, Ohio on , Xerafywith partners Alien and RFID Global Solution jointly exhibited a complete setof hardware and software solutions to track surgical instruments, this programcan be implemented medical assets from the operating room to perform the entireprocess of sterilization and disinfection of storage after tracking management.

By showing the program, the audiencewitnessed how RFID technology to improve patient safety for medical treatmentto avoid medical malpractice occurs, the solution to achieve real-timevisibility of asset information. Many viewers have for a few seconds to readmultiple RFID tags instantly said he was very strange, asked repeatedlydemonstrate solutions to believe that all this is true.

Many people have been RFID data collectionand analysis functions impressed, also on the ability of RFID real-timetracking and locating assets position is misplaced assets of praise. Theseefficient and easy to operate that asset tracking management solution can beachieved only UHF RFID.

Although such a solution aimed at managingthe hospital's surgical instruments, but other forms of medical assets can alsobe followed.

Xerafy at this year IAHCSMM In addition toshowcasing the entire RFID solutions, the company also hopes to be able to RFIDinto the hospital, so that it became known to the medical institutions areessential to a use of technology. Xerafy and Alien, RFID Gloabl Solutionjointly issued a medical asset tracking Alien Starter Kit with a handset, thekit also includes RFID GS Xerafy software systems and medical sterilizationlabels XS series.

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